Jenny’s Virus uniform :>


practice <3

Pirouette (c) Fi

my dA


Shogun and Kaiser | Ice - Fire Twin Eagles (c) Noun Solstial

The best birds I’ll ever draw and likely the first and last time I’ll draw these two until proven otherwise because birds are hard to draw wow srsly how do people draw animals in general. These two are pets of my OCs Glacier and Inferno in the iAntivirus universe but I think I’ll just be using them as my own personal mascots in the end. ~(‾▿‾)~

In light of the recent minor issues with IAV going down, here is a message from our resident Monkey of Code:

Hello Everyone,

Due to reasoning beyond our control, iAnti is seemingly experiencing server issues. In light of this I will be preforming maintenance the good old fashioned way starting at 1 a.m. EST. This will be in occurring two hours and fifty something minutes depending on how accurate your clock is. As always if at the end of the night the problem isn’t solved I will be bringing iAnti back up and continue problem solving until the problem has been determined fully. As always if you have any questions or concerns please point yourself to either myself or the nearest mod who is available and/or you feel comfortable talking with. 


Aaaand we’re back! Minor issue, so looks like it was nothing to worry about! 


We’re aware that iAnti is down at the moment, and we’ll post any updates that we get as soon as we get them. 


Wow, such reference!
Full reference of all of Kyne’s outfits from iAnti - this was a pain, but SOOOOO worth it. 

(via pipettingrainbows)

Mid-ERA 25 Open Registration!

Hello, future iAnti member! We’re pleased to announce that Mid Era is underway and we are now accepting new members! Spread the word and tell all your friends! We look forward to meeting you! Registrations will be open till September 22nd, 11:59 EST, so hurry now!



Amber’s character Sven because she wasn’t feeling well today.

He’s a lot of fun to draw <3