So you like killing people, huh? That’s perfectly natural. Lots of people like killing, and hey- better to do it in a game than in real life, right? When our game moderators were working to decide the next big summer event, the community response was overwhelming: bring back the PvP tournament! 

Well you asked, and we delivered. I hope you’re ready to get your hands dirty, because this is going to be completely freaking brutal. This year’s MC is our very own You- I know, kind of a confusing name, but you’ll get used to it. Refreshments will be provided courtesy of the Radiance Cafe, music will be performed by a few player volunteers, and the spectacle will be provided by you, beating the snot out of each other. Audience- let’s cheer for the bloodshed. And Gladiators? Let’s give ‘em a good show.

The Era 25 PvP is finally underway! And look at all these contenders! 


They were trying to break the record for most users online. lmao I helped with my 26 accounts.

Our power is mighty. Do not question iAntiVirus! 


Gemma’s Character Refs for the iAnti PvP~~ 


This took me 7 goddamn hours today. Including breaks in between BUT STILL. Actually that’s p fast for me I AM GETTING BETTER 8’D 

here have an unrelated Spike dragon as a bonus


Gemma’s Character Refs for the iAnti PvP~~ 


Saw a neat stock reference of a bow being shot on Deviantart and couldn’t resist the urge to draw! Turned into Kyne and 8Bit being all cool n shit. Spent pretty much all of today and some earlier this week on it and I’m pretty proud of it! 

(via scootscootscotty)


Nephyl for Lills on iAntivirus. 


Nathaniel (c) Ethie

This is still May and it is still 2014 therefore I am on time right - happy birthdayyy (`・ω・´)ゞ